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Our mission is to solve the problems of traditional vehicle programs. Fleets are expensive to operate and inflexible when operational pivots are necessary. Traditional car allowances are taxable—but they do not need to be.

Vehicle Reimbursement Programs
Vehicle Reimbursement Programs

Our custom reimbursement programs start with federal tax compliance guidelines at their core, before being expertly tailored by Cardata to fit your business needs. Find one that works for you today.

Easy admin & report generation
Easy admin & report generation
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Automatic mileage capture
Automatic mileage capture
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Powering tax-free reimbursements for:

The benefits of intelligent vehicle reimbursement programs:

Empowering your employees to drive their own car for work.
Saving your drivers and admins time with software
Continuous Improvement

We work with you to design a program that suits your business.

All of them minimize your company’s tax exposure. All of them are IRS compliant. All of them can save your drivers and admins thousands of hours, and save your company millions of dollars.

Cardata's program savings vs. simplicity

See how Cardata can help you achieve a 250% ROI
See your ROI

Discover the benefits, wherever you’re coming from.

We use software and data to make your work easy. From automated mileage logging to manager approval dashboards, our software makes your work simple. No matter where you’re coming to us from, we’ve got a solution for you.

Coming from a flat rate allowance?

Reduce tax waste on both the company side and employee side.  More money in everyone’s pockets along with the added benefit of using location-specific, data-driven reimbursement.

Coming from fleet?

Reduce overhead and overall expenses associated with operating the most expensive vehicle program available today, while reducing your liability.

No existing program? No problem.

We guarantee our industry experts will guide you in selecting the best possible program for your business.

Coming from the IRS Standard rate?

Move away from overpayments and underpayments. Cardata neutralizes this through mileage bands and allowing our customers to select the basis of which vehicle profile they want to reimburse their employees from.

We’re ready when you are.

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