An easy and cost-effective way to reimburse your employees for using their personal vehicle.

Our software helps you manage your vehicle reimbursement operations. Switch to Cardata to save up to 30% on your mileage reimbursement.

We administer Fixed and Variable Rate Reimbursements ("FAVR") and Cents per Mile ("CPM") programs from smaller regional enterprises to Fortune 500.
Our customers save millions

Without geography-specific data, companies implement reimbursement policies that lead to inaccurate payments and unnecessary taxes. This can mean millions of dollars in additional expenses each year.

Cardata is an optimized way to automatically capture business mileage and reimburse your employees for using their personal car for work.

Lifetime payments
Lifetime miles driven

Existing solutions

Company-owned or leased vehicles
Flat monthly payments or taxable allowances
IRS standard rate with inadequate mileage capture

Pitfalls with existing solutions

Manual mileage tracking
Taxable reimbursements  

We provide a suite of reimbursement software, compliance procedures, and business intelligence tools that help corporate fleet managers reduce administrative burden, create a more accurate and cost-effective reimbursement operation, and reduce corporate risk and liability.

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What our users are saying

4.6/5 Stars • 76 Reviews
Ease of Use
Quality of Support
Ease of Setup
Adam J.

Megan is a superstar and one phone call away. Megan went above and beyond to get me back on track when there was a mixup at my company and I was booted from the system. The app is very user friendly and easy to follow. The schedule feature makes it super easy to stay on track!

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Keenan B

The quick and helpful team that is always available to help. If I am unsure of something I receive an answer within 15 minutes and always have support even if my main point of contact is not available. The system is easy to use and keep up to date with all required information.

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Administrator in Medical Devices

Client services, solutions driven to fit our needs. Personal service to our employees and administrators.

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User in Transportation/Trucking/Railroad

It's been a breeze to use and customer support is the best around.

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Administrator in Paper & Forest Products

We were able to create a high quality plan where our drivers are in an equity position when financing or leasing their own vehicle. Drivers are now able to pick a vehicle that works for not only their work life, but their personal life as well. The risk for company cars have become more prevalent with million dollar lawsuits, so this was a plus and future accounting standards place all companies at a disadvantage on leased vehicles.

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The benefits

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Automatic Mileage Tracking

Use our mobile app to eliminate the hassle of manual mileage logging. With a strong knowledge of business travel miles by driver and territory, your managers will be well-equipped for more informed decision-making.

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Tax-Free Reimbursements

Design a FAVR program that is tailored to your company. You can seamlessly track travel and expenses across multiple geographies with real-time updates for changing fuel prices and routes.

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Insurance Compliance

Cardata simplifies insurance verification so you can minimize risk and liability.

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Managed Services & Setup

With Cardata, you’re not simply signing a software contract – we’re building a partnership. Work with a dedicated vehicle reimbursement expert as your go-to point of contact.


For Finance

Build manager approval workflows and mileage policies to save up to 30% on business mileage.

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For HR

Calculate employee reimbursements using real-time data and accurate mileage capture technology.

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For Admin

All-in-one tool to capture mileage and reimburse employees for vehicle expenses.

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For Drivers

Get fairly and accurately reimbursed for expenses and miles driven, sent straight to your bank account.

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Reduce overhead, liability, and costs by empowering your employees to use their personal vehicle for work.


Pay your employees what they are actually owed.

Flat Rate

Reduce tax waste for you and your employees. Use our reimbursement solution to generate more money in everyone’s pockets!

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