Pay your drivers more for less work.

Attracting top sales talent is more challenging now than ever before. With a best-in-class vehicle program that costs 30% less than traditional allowance, you can put more money in your drivers’ pockets.

Plus, with automated mileage logging, your drivers have less work to do. Cardata’s mobile app means no more manual logging, and 30% saved on non-revenue generating expenses.

Sales teams at Hallmark, McDonald’s, Canon, Crayola, and FedEx are already running on Cardata. You could be, too.

A competitive edge
Offer your sales team premium driving rates and benchmark
30% saved
Over your existing program
1,000s of hours saved
Sales teams spend more time on clients and less on spreadsheets and HRM programs

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Sales Leader Testimonial
The mobile app is extremely helpful and the Client Solutions support team is also fantastic, friendly, and quick to provide answers. Any time I need support, I know I can count [on] Linda and Monica to take care of me and my team!

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