Consistent, secure, and risk-free.

Operations executives want IRS-compliance, secure payments and low risk profiles.

Cardata’s best-in-class payment processor not only makes driver reimbursements easy, but also keeps data secure.

The IRS sets strict rules for vehicle reimbursements to protect taxpayers. Cardata understands these rules perfectly, and uses people, process, and technology to guarantee zero policy lapses.

Our insurance verification eliminates your corporate risk; your employees drive with all necessary endorsements.

Program oversight
Understand your drivers with data-driven reports
Eliminate risk team-wide with IRS compliance and vehicle insurance
1000s of hours saved
Put hours back on your schedule with automated mileage capture and reporting

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Operations Leader Testimonial
I like the fact that it is electronic and moved our company away from a paper solution that was cumbersome. Having access to real-time data for quick review is helpful when managing employees. From a user perspective, the app is light and easy to use. Administrators do a great job of keeping us informed as well as updating our accounts.

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