Provide non-taxable reimbursements

We follow an IRS compliant and non-taxable method to pay your employees for using their personal vehicle for work. From Suzy in San Francisco to Sarah in Birmingham, your employees are reimbursed  based on their exact miles driven and their local vehicle costs.

Audit your drivers insurance

Protecting you and your employees comes first at Cardata. When drivers use their personal vehicle for work, proper insurance coverage is a must. We have an entire team dedicated to ensure your drivers are in compliance.

Save a lot of money

Our customers save millions every year. We can save you more than 20% on your total vehicle reimbursements without disruption. Try our ROI Calculator to see how much you will save or contact us for a free audit.

Using a flat rate allowance?

Vehicle allowances are taxed on both the employer and employee side, leading to thousands of dollars in tax waste. Use our reimbursement solution to generate more money in everyone’s pockets!

Currently on fleet?

Fleets are expensive, tedious to administer, and leave your company vulnerable to insurance risk. Reduce overhead, liability, and costs by empowering your employees to use their personal vehicle for work.

Using the IRS or CRA Standard rate?

Pay your employees what they are actually owed. IRS and CRA standard rates do not account for the different types of cars employees drive, or the different geographies they drive in; our programs calculate fair and accurate reimbursements by factoring in those (and other) variables.