Cardata Cloud

Your mileage reimbursement command centre, all in-one-place. We provide everything you need to run a fair and cost-effective vehicle reimbursement policy. We administer FAVR and CPM programs.

Simplified administration
IRS-compliant records  
Pinpoint accuracy and accountability
Rapid mileage review/approval  
Secure individual accounts
Insight to drivers workday

Fully Integrated with
Master System

Designed for Managers
and Drivers


Our mobile mileage capture app is the perfect addition to your software stack. We use GPS technology to eliminate the hassles and inaccuracies of manual mileage logs.

Enable tracking with just a click
Label your frequently visited locations
Auto-classify business trips based on your employee’s work schedule


Cardata Cloud is designed to power your reimbursement operations. Your drivers’ mileage is automatically uploaded to Cardata Cloud from our mobile app. Our powerful engine calculates the monthly reimbursements based on your company's policies and your employees’ local expenses. These expenses  includes fuel, insurance, maintenance, among other line items.  

With Cardata Cloud, your managers and administrators can approve reimbursable mileage, seamlessly budget their monthly reimbursement costs, and ensure your drivers are following company policies.


We have a dedicated compliance team that inspects every insurance policy. We validate that your drivers are covered for business use vehicles and have the minimum liability coverages required by your corporate risk policy.  


Our Payments product enables companies to directly deposit reimbursements into your employee’s bank account. Payments are processed through ACH in the US and EFT in Canada. 


We believe in providing exceptional support. We offer a dedicated representative to support and guide your team in any capacity.

We pride ourselves on helpful client experiences, so you can save time, money and employees can concentrate on being successful in their roles.  


We offer annual reviews that provide insights into how your company’s reimbursement operation is working benchmarked against your original objectives. Annual reviews paired with reporting and dashboards empowers your team to make informed decisions.


We build manager approval workflows into your Cardata policy to ensure your drivers are following corporate policies. Your back office is equipped with the right system to make sure their teams are reimbursed appropriately.  

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