Cardata Mobile App:
User Help Guide

All you need to know about the upgraded app

A message from the co-CEO

I’m very excited to deliver to you a truly groundbreaking new way for you to manage your mileage and vehicle reimbursements through the upgraded Cardata Mobile app. On February 15, the app you have in your phone will look and feel newer and better than ever.

We’ve heard your feedback and know that you wanted a better experience. The result of many hours of engineering, research and design work has led us to this moment and we couldn’t be more thrilled for you to take part in it with us!

In this booklet you will find simple, straightforward information about the upcoming Cardata Mobile app updates.  We’re here to provide you with as much support as you need to get ready for the new experience.

On behalf of the entire Cardata team, thank you for helping us drive the future of vehicle reimbursements and we look forward to hearing your thoughts on the new app experience.

Take care and happy driving,

Mike Levine, Co-CEO

All About the new Cardata Mobile app

A sneak peek under the hood of the new design!

Some of the exciting new features are:

  • Toggle tracking on or off with the tap of a finger
  • More accurate mileage tracking and location sensors
  • Automatic mileage capture for trips of your choosing
  • Direct line of sight into upcoming and past reimbursements
  • All-in-one-place app, no need to visit Cardata Cloud

Watch our video to see the full experience!

Frequently asked questions (like “How will I get the new app?”)

When will it be live?

The upgraded Cardata Mobile app will be available February 15, 2023.

How will I get the new Cardata Mobile app?

On February 15, you simply need to update your existing Cardata Mobile app in the app store on your phone. If you have auto-updates turned on, your app will update automatically. If not, visit your app store, search ‘Cardata Mobile and tap "Update". The update will not be available prior to February 15. Then, just login using your existing user name and password - no need to register again!

What is going to be different from the app I know now?

There are many exciting new updates coming with the redesign, many of them are because we heard directly from users who requested these changes. The key features are listed above.

How will I know how to use the new app?

With the new changes to the Cardata Mobile app, the experience should be easier than ever. We’ve taken into account your feedback, along with best-in-class app experiences, to craft for you something that’s very easy to use. However, we know change can be hard, so we have set up many resources for you to make a seamless transition to the new app.

What support will be available? 

  • We’re hosting hands-on, live training webinars where you can learn how to use the app from the Cardata experts! Click here to sign up.
  • You’ll have access to resources such as articles and how-tos on
  • Customer support associates will always be there to help you every step of the way at

Access our training webinars!

You are encouraged to sign up for a training webinar. We’ll offer 15-minute live sessions where we walk through the new app, how to get started, and any questions you have. Click here to book an available time slot. Unable to join a live training session? If you’ve registered but can’t attend, we’ll send you a recording of the session you missed, so that you can watch it on your own time. 

Other resources

On you can search for easy-to-find articles like how to reset your password or access your reimbursements. As always, you can reach out to if you have any questions.

We’re so excited for you to see the new experience!